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Direktion Finanzen

Domain of the Vice President Finances

The Domain of the Vice President Finances is responsible for and organizes the financial framework at the UZH. It is headed by the Vice President Finances. He is member of the Executive Board of the University, the operative management body of the UZH.

The focus of the «Finance» department lies in the responsibility for day-to-day business and further development within the department. Thus the Domain of the Vice President Finances supports integral and professional financial management and provides the various departments (including faculties, Central Services departments, Executive Board of the University) with the necessary tools and services.

Lead: Daniel Hug, Vice President Finances

Staff Domain of the Vice President Finances:Staff

Project Financial Leadership UZH (Transition Office):Project Financial Leadership UZH


Finance Office, Head Stefan Wolfisberg

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Direktion Finanzen

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